"[Scientific] progress is not an augmentation of volume through juxtaposition, the anterior subsisting with the new, but is rather a perpetual revision of contents by deepening and erasure."
- Jean Cavaillès, 'Sur la logique et la théorie de la science' (via aidsnegligee)

Jean Cavaillès

Rastlaşma Vakti

Cihan’ların eski ardiyesinin çevresine gezinirken hurda toplayan bir arkadaşa denk geliyoruz. daha doğrusu elimdeki kamera onun dikkatini çekiyor ve bizimle sohbete başlıyor. yaşadığı bir ‘kaydedilme’ deneyimi üzerinden başlıyor sohbet. onun başına gelenler de bize etik dersi olarak geri dönüyor.

26 nisan 2014


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The capitalist imagination: It’s easier to imagine a fleet of self-driving cars than cities w/ free efficient public transit. Or bike lanes.

— Astra Taylor (@astradisastra)

May 28, 2014

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Racism without race and ‘the disease of thinking in essences’

"As well as reactivating the past through our use of language, a more mundane danger that most of us are trying to avoid is what Roland Barthes, a grand master of semiotics, called ‘the disease of thinking in essences’ . Essentialism traps a person/group into a cage of unchanging characterisations from which they cannot escape – if you like opera you are not really black or Indian Muslim women can’t have enjoyable, playful sex lives. Racism and other isms work by slotting us into preconceptions where we must stay put, pinned down and unable to move like one of those poor lifeless insects suspended in amber. The paradox is that while we are immobilised, racisms are constantly morphing."